Greater Portland Health offers an automated appointment reminder system to help busy patients keep track of their appointments. We use the Tavoca program to send out appointment reminders via text and phone (voice messages) for patients at our 180 Park Avenue and Brickhill health centers. Patients who opt-in to this service will receive reminder texts and or voice messages two days before their appointment and a follow-up message following any missed appointments.


What is Tavoca?

Tavoca is an automated messaging company that specializes in providing services for healthcare, dental, and other appointment-driven organizations. They provide automated appointment reminder services to healthcare organizations across the country. You can learn more about Tavoca at:

How do I sign up for or opt out of reminder messages?

Our updated new patient registration forms now include a question about whether you would like to receive text or phone appointment reminders. If you select yes, you will then receive appointment reminders for any future appointments. In addition, current patients at our 180 Park Avenue and Brickhill locations will receive a first text with the option to opt in or opt out of messages. You may opt out of reminder messages at any time.

Is my information protected?

Yes. Tavoca is fully compliant with all HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Tavoca has protections in place to ensure your personal information is secure. To learn more about Tavoca’s security and privacy measures, visit their site: . 

Will my cell phone carrier charge for text messages?

Tavoca has no control over call and text message fees included in your monthly phone plan. Please check with your phone carrier for more details.

Can I change my language preference for messages?

Reminder phone and text messages are available in English and Spanish. 

What information will be provided in the reminder?

The day, date, time, department and location of the scheduled appointment will be identified within the message. Patients are reminded to bring their photo ID, insurance card, and copays to their appointment.

What if someone does not want calls or texts - or any reminders?

The best solution for this is for the patient to reply back to any text message from Tavoca with the word STOP.  That will cease any further text messages from that phone until Tavoca receives the word START from that phone number.  Per patient’s request GPH can add the patient’s phone number to the Do Not Contact list.

What happens if I make a mistake by pressing a wrong selection?

Please call Greater Portland Health at 207-874-2141 to confirm, cancel, or reschedule your appointment.