April 13, 2020
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To the Greater Portland Community,

Our thoughts are with everyone in our community now and how we can support you through these very challenging times. Most of us are experiencing significant disruption from our daily routine and the social fabric that gives us purpose and meaning. We may be experiencing loneliness, isolation, financial insecurity, sadness, fear, and anxiety about our health and the health of our loved ones. 

This is a normal response to extraordinary circumstances. The strength, selflessness and resilience of our community is evident in the way people are showing love and care for their families, friends and neighbors in meeting these conditions.

Self-care and emotional support are so important right now and Greater Portland Health would like our community to be aware that despite the limitations to in-person support, our team of mental and behavioral health support therapists are here to meet with you through telehealth services which include the option of either telephone support or video conferencing services.

Telehealth is electronic communication (such as video conferencing or audio communication) between a patient and a provider who are not in the same physical location. Greater Portland Health primarily uses Zoom, a HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform, to deliver confidential telehealth services.

Additionally, multi-lingual counseling services are available.

Please reach out if you would like support by calling (207) 874-2141 to schedule an appointment with a behavioral health provider.

We know that together as a community we will grow stronger through whatever challenges we are currently experiencing.

All the best,

The Greater Portland Health Behavioral Health Team