October 22, 2019
/ News

In September, a $20,000 grant was approved by the Board of Directors of the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation for the support of Greater Portland Health’s oral health program expansion project.

“We are extremely grateful for the financial support from Northeast Delta Dental Foundation,” Greater Portland Health’s Chief Executive Officer Ann Tucker said in a written statement. “The grant funds will allow us to purchase new dental equipment to continue to expand access to our dental program.”

The Northeast Delta Dental Foundation aims to help increase both the accessibility and quality of oral healthcare and education in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont communities. To learn more about Northeast Delta Dental and its Foundation visit www.nedelta.com.

Greater Portland Health maintains a similar objective by offering comprehensive dental services for those in the Portland area. For more information on Greater Portland Health’s dental and oral health services please visit http://www.greaterportlandhealth.org/services/dental.